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Air Flow Measurement

  • Air Flow gauges
  • ¼” NPT tap for installing gauges

Stock Gauges Currently Available

Grain Guard

High Speed Centrifugal   GGF-80311

High Speed Centrifugal   GGF-80511

High Speed Centrifugal   GGF-80711

High Speed Centrifugal   GGF-81011

Inline Centrifugal   GGI-80311

Inline Centrifugal   GGI-80511

Inline Centrifugal   GGI-80711

Inline Centrifugal   GGI-81011

High Speed Centrifugal   CF18-10

Custom Gauges

Custom flow gauges can be made up for fans from any manufacturer including:

Grain Guard
Conrad American
Spread-All Manufacturing
Refer to our library of aeration fan models to place an order.

If your fan is not in our library, provide details and we will attempt to find a best fit curve that will work for you.

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Simple and Innovative!

Air Flow Rate is the Key to in-bin Drying This gauge is the only product on the market for approximating air flow through your grain. Very low cost and easy to install. Due to vibration of some fans it is NOT recommended to be installed directly on the fan. Vibration has resulted in pre-mature failure with gauges installed directly on the fan. In order to provide the best product possible we ask our valued customers to provide feedback on their experience with the “Wilde Air Flow Gauge”
- Glenn Wilde

Simple easy to install and read

I purchased a custom gauge for my 7.5hp fan and installed it after the grain was already in the bin. I was able to determine that I had too much grain in the bin and reduced it accordingly to meet my airflow requirement. I am sure it will be much easier to use as the bin is being filled.
- Brian

Airflow gauge review

Purchased a fan gauge after the #HarvestFromHell16 to help w/ monitoring commodity content. Been drying alot grain in the following two harvest. Gauge is installed on a Meridian 4000bu smooth-wall hopper bin w/ a 5hp (9"x14") centrifugal fan/100k btu heater/rocket aeration. Gauge works great as an indicator. So far I am unable to get the gauge to read in the "dead-head" portion of gauge regardless of commodity being stored weather it's CWRS or canola. Also, volume of commodity does not trigger a dead-head position (which is great to know). Or moisture content even when it's 4%age points from dry. Not sure if this is a direct result of the fan performance or the rocket aeration system. I would have to buy additional gauges for the multitude of bin storage/aeration products that are present on our farm. I did notice that the water column reading does lower as commodity dries. I will purchase additional gauges in the future. Chad Bown Grain & Oilseed Producer
- Chad Bown

Farm owner

Simple way to monitor effectiveness of aeration fans
- Ervin

Take the guesswork out

We purchased a gauge a couple years ago and added another this year. Great for filling the bin up to an acceptable airflow rate. Made the mistake of mounting gauge directly to the bin causing it to fail. We plan to to put air quick connects on the bin plenum allowing one gauge to service multiple bins. Dried all the HRS and canola using heat into the fan in 2018...knowing airflow is important. and very reasonably priced!
- Graham Letts

A must for supplemental heat drying

Installed 8 gauges in summer of 16’ on various bins/fans. We use supplemental heat on two of these bins. If you want to stick to 1 CFM/bu this low cost easy to install gauge is the answer.
- Ryan Hering

Stock Static Pressure Gauges

The Wilde Ag Ventures Static Pressure Gauge is a great tool at a great price. We had 120 of the Stock Static Pressure Gauges sent down to us in the Gulf Coast region of Texas. We had no issues with shipping. The gauges were very easy to install. All the gauges worked great and gave us the information we need to fill our bins to a safe depth while utilizing the bins efficiently.
- Conrad Cline

Air Delivery Systems

T Rocket with cross flow | Contact us for pricing.

Supplemental Heat

  • Dry Wind Supplemental heat trailer

  • 30” x 30” radiator (rated for 5000 cfm) with enclosure
  • 24” x 24” radiator (rated for 3000 cfm) with enclosure
  • Portable aeration fan trolley (rated for 700 lbs)

 Top Grade Ag – Grain Bin Instrumentation

  • In Bin Drying Monitor

  • T/M Cable Monitor  (Brochure and pricing to be available in mid February)

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