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Monitor your airflow rate with a Wilde gauge.


Supplemental Heat Trailer, T- Rocket Aeration and other Wilde Ag Ventures… 

Wilde Ag Ventures


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In the News 

News articles regarding bin aeration and our Wilde airflow gauges, were released following the Manitoba Ag Days show in Brandon (Winter 2017). 

Wilde Theories and Speculation

Take a look at our latest research and tell us if this is relevant to your operation.

T-Rocket With Crossflow

We are into our second year of testing this concept which provides an aeration configuration with a reduced airflow path. The benefits of the design include increased air flow and[…]

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Supplemental Heat Trailer

Over the past 6 years we have used a 400,000 btu swimming pool heater to provide supplemental heat to our bins.  The simple operation, thermostatic control and low cost make[…]

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